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Network 16 November 2017

EMR Platform

Welcome to the Environmental Maritime Research (EMR) Platform of DOCKSIDE Project

The implementation of the network is supervised by the Scientific Committee (SC) of DOCKSIDE Project. The SC, composed by international and local experts and researcher, is the core member of the EMR Network and its membership expands to the external stakeholders of DOCKSIDE Project, i.e. the European and Cambodian researchers outside the DOCKSIDE Consortium.

The scientific committee will be in charge of assessing the quality of the training sessions and scientific presentations of DOCKSIDE Activities such as Workshop and Summer Schools. SC responsible to animate the EMR network, research discussions and launch joint-research activities.

The long-term objective of EMR network is to facilitate the exchange of information and services between EU researches, PhD students and stakeholders and their Cambodian counterparts. By collaborating with European universities, Khmer universities will be able to initiate new joint-research projects and commercialize their research activities.

DOCKSIDE Project supports the collaboration between researcher in Cambodia and Europe. The network provides support in collection, data analysis, field research, socio-economic assessment analysis, experimental research, etc.

Scientific Committee Members

Institution Name Function
RULE Dr. Prum Rithy Member of Scientific Council and Deputy of Public Law Department
NUM Dr. Seng Buntheoun Vice-Rector in charge of International Affaires
UBB Dr. Ratha Chea Head of International Relations Office
RUA Dr. Chay Chim Researcher and lecturer
MoEYS Dr. Angkearoat Sam Or Deputy Director General of Policy and Planning of MoEYS
VIGO Dr. Francisco Torres Associate Professor of Law
SDU Dr. Dewan Ahsan Associate Professor (Risk Management and Risk perception related to natural resources and the environment)
UN Pr. Patrice Guillotreau Professor of Economics
University of Bordeaux (External) Pr. Murat Yildizoglu Professor of Economics
FiA, IFReDI (External) Dr. Hap Navy Project Implementation and Socio-Economics, Value Chain, Gender, Environmental and Social Safe Guard Specialist



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