Dewan Ahsan <br> 🇩🇰 |  University of Southern Denmark

Full name : Dewan Ahsan

Gender : Male

Work location : Esbjerg, University of Southern Denmark

Academic background : PhD

Current position held: Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics (SEBE), University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

Your research :

Risk Management, Stakeholder Management, Emergency Management, Green Business, Natural Resource Management, Fisheries and Coastal Zone Management, Climate change and conflict management.


Research projects (Some of the most important you were involved in) :
I) DOCKSIDE (Erasmus Plus)
II)WANASEA (Erasmus Plus)


Scientific articles/conferences (links, pdfs…):

Based on Dr Ahsan’s research outputs, more than 30 scientific papers have been published in the national and international peer reviewed journals. He has attended and presented papers in more than 15 international conferences and workshops across the globe. Ahsan also serve as reviewer in several peer reviewed journals. For more information, please visit the following link ;

Network activities : Dewan Ahsan really enjoys to interact directly with the stakeholders whose livelihood are dependent on natural resources ( e.g. Fishermen, local people, agriculture farmers) and who are supporting (e.g. governmental officials, community organizations, NGOs etc.) to implement the public policies in management of the water and natural resources. Therefore, Ahsan always keen to conduct empirical based researches by involving the various stakeholders. He is also very keen to work with international trans-disciplinary consultancy and research teams and have actively participated in several international collaborative consultancy and researches (with research grant from EU, IUCN, NORHED, DANIDA, SIDA, DFID and others) projects both in developing countries (specially South and South-East Asia) and Northern Europe. He has worked as technical advisors for various developmental projects under the Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Environment and Forest and Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock of the Government of Bangladesh.


Dockside :

Scientific Committee