Patrice GUILLOTREAU <br> 🇫🇷 |  University of Nantes – France

Full name : Patrice GUILLOTREAU

Gender : Male

Work location : Professor of Economics at the University of Nantes

Academic background : PhD in Economics

Interests : Economics of the sea and coastal activities, Fisheries economics, Maritime economics, risk management and environmental changes, market institutions and price formation

Research project : 

2018-2021: ANR CIGOEF (Climate Impacts on Global Oceanic Ecosystems and Fisheries) (coordination IRD, France),


Member of several scientific associations:

IIFET (Internatinal Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade, – EAFE (European Aszsociation of Fisheries Economists),

AFH (Association Française d’Halieutique),

TBTI (Too Big To Ignore, network on small-scale fisheries),

What is DOCKSIDE for you :

A tool of mutual development for research and high-level training programs between European and Cambodian researchers interested by environment, sea-related and water issue.