Thomas VALLEE <br> 🇫🇷 |  University of Nantes – France

Full name : Thomas Vallée

Gender : Male

Work location : Professor of Economics at the University of Nantes

Academic background : PhD in Economics

Interests : Trade Network Analysis, Performance Analysis, Fisheries economics, Maritime economics

Research project : 

2018-2021: ANR CIGOEF (Climate Impacts on Global Oceanic Ecosystems and Fisheries) (coordination IRD, France),

Field of Research : Decision and Dynamic Game Theory; Environmental and Natural Resources Economics

Network activities :

Member of the International Society of Dynamic Games  (

Coordinator of DOCKSIDE and WANASEA Erasmus + Capacity Building Projects.

Scientific articles (last 2 years):

  • Can microalgae biodiesel contribute to achieve the sustainability objectives in the transport sector in France by 2030? A comparison between first, second and third generation biofuels though a range-based Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis, G. Baudry, C. Macharis, and T. Vallée, Energy,  (2018),
  • The Index of Economic Freedom: methodological matters, I. Dialga and T. Vallée, Studies in Economics and Finance, (2018),
  • Relative efficiencies of ASEAN container ports based on data envelopment analysis, N. Kutin, T.T. Nguyen, and T. Vallée, The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics, (2017).
  • Range-based Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis: a combined method of Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation to support participatory decision making under uncertainty, G. Baudry, C. Macharis, T. Vallée, European Journal of Operational Research (2017).
  • Similarity in trade structure: Evidence from ASEAN + 3, Nguyen T.N.A., T.H.H. Pham, and T. Vallée, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, (2017).
  • The challenge of measuring biofuel sustainability: a stakeholder-driven approach applied to the French case, G. Baudry, F. Delrue, J. Legrand, J.Pruvost, and T. Vallée, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, (2017).
  • Economic integration in ASEAN + 3: A network analysis Nguyen T.N.A., T.H.H. Pham, and T. Vallée, Journal of Economic Integration, (2016).

Chapters in book:

  • Broadening the scope of MAMCA by implementing an exploratory scenario approach to support participatory decision-making under uncertainty: the range-based MAMCA, Baudry G., T. Vallée et C. Macharis, in “Sustainability mobility and transport : Muli-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis”, C. Macharis et G. Baudry (eds), chapter 5, Edward Elgar Publishing, (2018),
  • Assessing the stakeholder support for different biofuel options in France by 2030 using the range-based MAMCA framework, Baudry G., T. Vallée et C.Macharis, in “Sustainability mobility and transport : Muli-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis”, C. Macharis et G. Baudry (eds), chapter 11, Edward Elgar Publishing, (2018),
  • [Quels indicateurs pour une juste valorisation de l’environnement ?, Rodica L., T. Vallée et Guillotreau, in «Environnement et développement durable dans les politiques de l’Union européenne : Actualités et défis »,  G. Brovelli, (2017), pp.81-92.
  • The Challenges of Regional Integration and their Assessment, Vallée T. and T.N.A. Nguyen, in S. Lagrée and V. Diaz, Etudes de l’AFD n° 8 | Shared Challenges for Development within ASEAN – Applied and Analytical Methods, (2016), AFD, Knowledge Publishing House, pp.37-60.

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