This page will update you on our progress and implementation on the DOCKSIDE project as to date. Kick Off Meeting 100% Click here to...

This page will update you on our progress and implementation on the DOCKSIDE project as to date.

Kick Off Meeting 100%

Click here to view the photos of the meeting (Kick Off Meeting gallery)

Partnership Agreement 100%
Creation of the Project Management Board and Scientific Committee 100%

Each partner institution appointed one member who fulfils the requirements by the consortium to oversee and representation on the project management board.

The designation of the second member of the partner institution and those of project’s external associates will work in the Scientific Committee. It acts as a scientific board for the major events and handles the different internal calls for training sessions and mobility.

Guideline Project Manual 100%

Guidelines Project Manual serves as a further description of the project procedures, including the planning of tasks between partners, the number and nature of administration submission, the dateline of the external and internal reports, the templates and list of actions and the communication tools.

Guidelines were adopted unanimously and already available for consultation for the partners. Information in this document is subject to change.

Website and Social Media 100%

The Project Coordinator supports the maintenance and update of the DOCKSIDE website and the communication on the social media, together with the National University and the Royal University of Law and Economics inspect the quality of the publication frequently.

The open platform is open for the public to upload and exchange documents since the beginning of November 2017.

Environmental Maritime Research Network 85%

DOCKSIDE favours the creation of a network around Environmental and Maritime Research topics. We argue that a countable doctoral school cannot exist without a strong research basis, for that reason, we strive for the creation of a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary network.

NUM is in charge on identifying, meeting stakeholders, conducting a survey and collecting data from stakeholders. NUM is helped by the interns from University of Nantes, University of Vigo and Southern Denmark University. The last intern of UVIGO, Spain, currently writing the report, all the activity at NUM is supervised by Mr. Nikola Kutin.


Stakeholder Analysis 100%

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With the participation of our Stakeholder, they can provide a credible, high quality and useful evaluation and perspectives to the EMR Network. We hope to develop a full-scale understanding of a group of interest by learning its social diversity, an existing grid of connections, and overall socio-economic characteristics.

First formal meeting to discuss key questions to our survey was held the 17th of June 2017. Photos available here:here.

The DOCKSIDE research officers of which two interns from France were collecting data in Battambang, home to one of our project partner, the University of Battambang.

For other meeting photos please consult our Galleries.

Equipment and Resources 50%

Inventory of the current infrastructure, equipment and resources of our Cambodian partners’ universities had been conducted. Efficient infrastructure is one of the important factors to reach research excellence.

DOCKSIDE plans to upgrade the infrastructure and equipment to a sufficient level that it may allow the distance learning and exchange of PhD students, teachers and researchers. The ultimate target is the improvement of the PhD program in Cambodia.

We will launch the tendering procedure, due to technical and administrative challenges, we had an important delay in regard to the Project Proposal. However all the Cambodian partners are working closely to further tackle the problems, the Royal University of Law and Economics took a great responsability to advance the whole process.


PhD students and Researchers Mobility 30%

The first call for application for this mobility closes on the 30th June 2017. Afterwards, the sending universities will select their candidates with the assistance of the Scientific Committee.

At the moment, the University of Nantes has been receiving two PhD students, one PhD student from the Royal University of Law and Economics, Phnom Penh and another one from National University of Management, Phnom Penh. They have been staying for 3 moths to do their researchs.

University of Vigo, Spain and Southern University of Denmark will welcome their Cambodian researchers at the beginning of 2018.


Workshop on EMR 100%

A 3-day workshop successfully took place at the Royal University of Agriculture, Phnom Penh on the 18th to 20th October 2017.

We received 144 participants on day 1, 113 participants on day 2 and 145 participants on day 3.

You may now download all the presentations here.

The evaluation report will be available on our Open Platform. We will welcome Cambodian and European participants for the 2018 Summer School.


Creation of PhD course catalogue 40%

We are preparing the arrival of an expert team from European universities to further discuss the Course Catalogue creation in February 2018. This mobility will complement the draft report written by the Cambodian experts, during the September 2017. The delegation consisted of university professors, rector and vice-rector, and administrative staff of Cambodian institutions, they visited the three European partners and met hundreds of colleagues during the fiels trip and exchange of best practices. A short presentation of the written report had been delivered by Dr. Neang Malyne here during the October’s workshop in the Royal University of Agriculture, Phnom Penh.